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The Poudre River Irregulars Jazz Band -- As heard on KUVO radio



The Poudre River Irregulars play at a wide variety of events. Public gigs include a variety of scheduled appearances

(concerts sponsored by jazz societies, for instance), and a recurring monthly gig to great crowds at Avogadro's

Number that takes place on the First Friday of every month.

You can book the Poudre River Irregulars. We play for parties, weddings, swing dances, church services and

funeral marches, plus more!  In addition, the "Mini-PRI", a stripped-down version of the band, is available

for groups with tight budgets. To arrange private bookings, use Contact above in the menu.

We hope you'll come and hear us play.

The "Regular Irregulars" are Charlie Smith and/or Larry Lagerberg on trumpet, Len Kellogg on trombone,

Clark Burnside on clarinet, Ray Leake on piano, Alan Sparks on bass, Rory Thomas on banjo,

and Oscar DeZoto on drums.


First Friday at Avo's 

Pay the $15 cover charge before Avo's closing time on March 2nd and be sure to have a chair for the next First Friday performance. 

You can do so at

(Website is available daily from 11am to closing time)


Tickets available at the door at $15 per person

        Don't miss it:

4pm to 7pm -- March 3rd, 2023

at Avogadro's Number located at

605 S. Mason, Fort Collins, 

Hot Jazz with the Irregulars

Sponsored by the

Northern Colorado Traditional Jazz Society

Become a member today!


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