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The Northern Colorado Traditional Jazz Society

Invites our Members & Guests to a Meet and Greet

with your Poudre River Irregulars Jazz Band Musicians

August 6, 2021, 12 noon to 1 PM

Enter through Avogadro’s Bar Room door & look for the sidewalk sign

Sign in at noon, Donations Accepted, Cash Bar

Selfies, Autographs, Chat with the Musicians

Complimentary Anniversary Celebration Cake, Champagne Toasting

RSVP - Please provide your name and the number in your party

RSVP to:; Text to 970-227-8640; or call and leave a voice message at 970-669-6767



Jazz Concert begins at 2 pm.

The Concert admission fee is $15 per person paid at the patio door

No advance reservations this time, Open seating

Tables will not be reserved nor limited to six people

Dress for a Jazz Party, Dancing, and a Second Line March

The Poudre River Irregulars are a colorful jazz ensemble that plays New Orleans and Dixieland jazz and they are noted for their exuberant energy and sound musicianship. Drawing much of their inspiration from Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton, they play a wide variety of traditional jazz, from ragtime through the classics of the twenties and thirties up to early swing. Whatever they play, their music is always upbeat and joyful.



You can use this button to donate funds to the Northern Colorado Traditional Jazz Society for the support of
the  25th anniversary of the Society and the Poudre River Irregulars Jazz Band.  This button provides payment options through PayPal as well as credit cards at a small fee which we pay.  You can also make donations via US Postal mail at:  NoCOJazz, 2577 Silverton St., Loveland, CO, 80538.

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, this popular band plays for concerts, dances, and private engagements all over the Northern Colorado region. Their best-known gig is at Avogadro's Number, a hangout near the Colorado State University campus, where they play on the first Friday of each month to sellout crowds.  See "Gigs" for current info about where you can hear them play.

They also have recorded a number of popular CDs.  Take a look at "our CDs" for contents and how to order CDs. For photos, information about their musical style and some music samples, see "Photos and Videos". 

About the name:  The Cache la Poudre River was named by early French explorers who stashed gunpowder at intervals along its banks. Its upper reaches now provide recreation for kayakers, rafters, and fishermen, while supplying water for Fort Collins and surrounding agricultural areas. The local pronunciation is "POO-der."

Leadership:  Cornetist Bob Cooke founded the band in 1995 and was its leader until December 2010, when he retired and handed over the reins. Now trombonist Len Kellogg is the band's leader (head honcho, booking agent, and all-purpose go-to guy); you can contact him by using the "Contact" button in the header.
As to "Irregulars": when the band was forming in 1994, personnel changes were frequent and abrupt. The group has long since stabilized, but keeps the name because it suggests the free and easy spirit of their music. (Think of a motley militia ready at a moment's notice to take on an engagement with deftness and high spirits.)

 For bookings of the Poudre River Irregulars use "contact" in the menu